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“A glorious fever dream drenched in blood and sea spray...

Truly unforgettable.”

Gillian French, author of Sugaring Off

“Exquisitely written and brimming with sensual menace, Sing Our Bones Eternal is a sharp-toothed fairytale, dreamlike and nightmarish.”

Jennifer Thorne, author of Lute

“Rayburn honors the bloody roots of fairy tales with a tapestry that feels both fresh and timeless...A dark, original, and richly imagined debut.”

A.C. Wise, author of Wendy, Darling & Hooked

“A bewitching tale of bloody temptations and bone-deep longings, Sing Our Bones Eternal will devour you.”

Ann Fraistat, author of What We Harvest

“A spellbinding slipping into a dream, one that seeps into your bones and holds you in its thrall long after you wake up. An exquisite blend of gothic horror and folklore.”

Hester Fox, author of A Lullaby for Witches

“Atmospheric and beautifully written, Sing Our Bones Eternal is a haunting tale as poetic and unpredictable as the sea.”

Alyssa Wees, author of Nocturne

“Sensuous and enchanting...I couldn’t stop reading.”

Paulette Kennedy, bestselling author of The Witch of Tin Mountain

“Rayburn’s debut is reminiscent of an old, briny fairy tale that effortlessly pulls you under. It’s as hypnotic as watching waves roll over the sand.”

Cyla Panin, author of Stalking Shadows and Beguiled

“A gorgeous fairy tale about the magic of knowing your true self, the power of love, and the joy of freeing yourself from ancestral hauntings…Full of lush prose and intoxicating imagery…Rayburn inspires readers to brave the dark waters of their imagination and sing their truth as the mermaids of her enchanting tale do.”

Maria DeBlassie, author of Everyday Enchantments & Weep, Woman, Weep

“Rayburn lures you into a dark fairy tale with prose so lush you can sink your teeth into it.”

K.L. Cerra, author of Such Pretty Flowers

“Haunting and lyrical…An addictive debut.”

Nicole Willson, author of Tidepool

"A haunting retelling of The Little Mermaid interwoven beautifully with Scottish lore. Rayburn's prose is raw with the same jagged edges and sharp teeth as the creatures she writes about."

Cia Petrichor, author of Heart Sworn

"A gothic fairy tale that sinks its claws into you...poetic, haunting, a dark delight."

Sonja Blanco, author of Witch of Ware Woods

"Dark and triumphant with gorgeously poetic prose...Sing Our Bones Eternal is the gothic fairy tale you didn't know you needed."

R.K. Hart, author of The Death Dreamer Legacy Series


“Rayburn takes readers on a lyrical journey…deliciously dark, haunting, and beautifully written.”

Laura Quinn, author of Thicker Than Water

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