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A young woman, stranded on a strange isle, discovers her true nature in this deliciously dark debut where gothic fantasy meets folk horror. Through the mist and the fog, cloven bodies wash ashore. Sinister songs haunt the tide pools, and burnt offerings rise from the sea cliffs.

Senga Goldie is an outcast on Hourglass Isle. Her father is wicked. Her mother is beguiled. Bound by a covenant to a hungry god, Senga has all the trappings of a mermaid huntress. But her world is shattered when a mirror-wielding mermaid befriends her. Caught between blood and water, Senga plunges into peril. But the hourglass is running out, and she must choose between the only life she’s ever known and the deep dark nether.

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Cathouse Communion by Kacey Rayburn
Coming 2023 in The Theatre Phantasmagoria
anthology from Night Terror Novels



The Girl in El Paso by Kacey Rayburn
Grim & Gilded ( Issue 7), July 2022